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Shieldon is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) for PHP, with a beautiful and useful control panel that helps you easily manage the firewall rules and security settings.


  • SEO friendly, no impacts to SERP.
  • Http-type DDOS mitigation.
  • Anti-scraping.
  • Limit the amount of online users.
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) protection.
  • Interrupting vulnerability scanning.
  • Eradicating brute force attacks.
  • IP manager.
  • Protecting pages via WWW-Authenticate.
  • Detailed statistics and charts.
  • Sending notifications to third-party services.
  • A Web UI for management of iptables, the system firewall.


Use PHP Composer:

composer require shieldon/shieldon ^2


Here are the guides to integrating with the popular PHP frameworks.

Firewall Panel

Shieldon provides a visualization UI called Firewall Panel. By using Shieldon Firewall, you can easily implement it on your web application.

Firewall Panel

Click here to view demo.

  • user: demo
  • password: demo


Only a few screenshots are listed below.


Only a few screenshots are listed below.

Firewall Panel

Captcha Stats

Captcha Statistics

Online Session Stats

You can see the real-time data here if Online Session Limit is enabled.

Firewall Panel - Online Session Control

Rule Table

You can temporarily ban a user here.

Firewall Panel - Rule Table


Shieldon's Firewall Panel is fully responsive, and you can manage it when you are not in front of your computer, using your mobile phone at any time.

Responsive Firewall Panel


Temporarily Ban a User

When the users or robots are trying to view many your web pages in a short period of time, they will temporarily get banned. Get unbanned by solving a Catpcha.

Firewall Dialog 1

Permanently Ban a User

When a user has been permanently banned.

Firewall Dialog 2

Online Session Control

Firewall Dialog 3

When a user has reached the online session limit.


Provided by Messenger library.


Send notification via Telegram API.


Shieldon library is brought to you by Terry L. from Taiwan.